About us

About BAR

BAR is a simple-to-use Augmented Reality (AR) app compatible with iOS and Android devices. To use it is as simple as downloading the app, launching it, and pointing it at any image displaying the BAR logo!

When an image is recognized you will experience the AR. Either 3D content, additional imagery, or a video will come to life on top of the trigger image!

BAR came to life when a couple of digital media geeks sat around a table looking for ways to revolutionize and rejuvenate print media, and add value to outdoor media.

Challenges we came across over the past two years working with mobile Augmented Reality include:

-If all the companies out there develop their own custom AR apps to promote their products and services to users, the technology will get lost, as the user will have to download a separate app for each experience. Users will have to download an awful lot of apps!

-Users, especially in SA, are lazy, they don’t want to go through registration, subscription and search processes, they want the app to work straight off the bat. That is what the user gets with BAR

Our focus however is on AR content management, and content creation. If a client does not have content, we will create it. 3D and video!

We use Metaio technology to develop BAR, and soon multiple brands will use BAR to manage and display their AR experiences in various publications. So look out for the BAR revolution!

How AR Works

Augmented Reality is taking reality as we see it, and overlaying it with computer generated (digital) data when viewed through the camera of a mobile device.

The Digital layer is activated in two ways:

-When the device recognizes a predetermined image (marker or trigger image), or

-When the data is associated with GPS coordinates.

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