Augmented Reality Services

We offer a wide variety of professional and affordable services to get your project looking spectacular.

3D and 2D Animation

We pride ourselves on being able to build any animation and effect you will require for your campaign or brand activation whether it is 2D or 3D we got you covered.

3D Modeling

If you need something in 3D but don't have it, don't stress - come chat to us and we will not only advise the best way but happily build it for you too.

Sound Effects

Whats an image without sound. Allow us to integrate your choice of sound or if need be compose and create one for you.

Image Recognition

The most common type of AR - we can take almost any image and link cool content to it. It can be a video that plays or the image can come to life - you think it we will link it.

Location Based Services(LBS)

So you want to know where the closest supplier of your favourite peanut butter is. We get you, fire up the app, select "find locations" and look around you - its that simple.

Experiential AR

Larger than life and bigger than big - thats what excites us - we can build you and experience where your customers become part of the activation. Picture yourself standing amongst Killer Whales or having an Angel kiss you on the cheek and better yet having the picture to prove it. Been there, built that - now its your turn.

Speak to us for a tailor made solution.